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Beautiful Souls PMU LLC

Beautiful Souls PMU LLC believes in helping people gain self-love. Whether they want to feel more beautiful, gain confidence, hide insecurities, or not have to worry about makeup anymore; I can help them achieve that. My main goal is their happiness and I will help them create a plan that will make their vision a reality. I want all of my clients to feel like they are in a safe, calming environment from the moment they walk into my shop. Getting permanent makeup is a self-care service, and it's my responsibility to give the most relaxing and fulfilling experience possible. 

My name is Rachel Weber and I'm 20 years old. I am the owner of Beautiful Souls PMU LLC. I'm a licensed and insured permanent makeup artist on Long Island, New York. I work in my own shop, Beautiful Souls PMU in Bethpage, New York. I've taken 100 hours of in-class training since March 2018 and worked closely with my teacher to create a strong knowledge and understanding of permanent makeup and micropigmentation. Although I'm not a permanent makeup veteran, the newer techniques and information I learned while still in class are crucial in such a fast-paced, improving industry. Outside of school, I'm constantly practicing, learning and improving to make sure I'm as updated and knowledgable as I can be. I've always believed that everyone deserves to feel as confident and beautiful as they are. Permanent makeup allows me to help that happen. My favorite part of this profession is seeing my client's eyes light up when they see their results. While I'm not working, I spend my time doing art and going to concerts. For the past three years, I've also run a small online shop called Light My Nightmare, which sells custom, handmade lighters. I do regular and special effects makeup as well. Lastly, I'm a freelance artist who takes commissions. 

Rachel Weber

Permanent Makeup Artist

Beautiful Souls PMU LLC. Permanent Makeup and Micropigmentation.

281 Broadway Bethpage, NY 11714

(516) 425-5627          disaa.art@gmail.com

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